Center for Interventions, Treatment, and Addictions Research (CITAR)

Partnership with Gent University and the Province of East Flanders, Belgium

Several CITAR staff members are involved in assisting Gent University and the Province of East Flanders, Belgium, in the development of case management services and an integrated system of care, both for persons experiencing substance abuse problems. Representatives of Gent University and the Province of East Flanders have traveled to Wright State University, to observe case management practice in several CITAR projects. In March 2001, Richard C. Rapp traveled to Belgium to present "Bridging Research and Practice: Implementing Strengths-Based Case Management in Diverse Practice Settings" at the Third International Symposium on Substance Abuse Treatment and Special Target Groups: The Relationship Between Research and Practice in Substance Abuse Treatment. Mr. Rapp has trained provincial and treatment program staff in the development of case management and integrated treatment systems.

The relationship between Gent University and Wright State University has continued in several ways. Mr. Rapp and the late Dr. Harvey A. Siegal made additional trips to Gent to assist in the development of their systems of care. During the summer of 2004 a pre-doctoral student came to Wright State University to enhance her methodological skills in her work with systems of care in East Flanders.


Vanderplasschen, W., Rapp, R, Wolf, J., Broekaert, E. (2004). The development and implementation of case management for substance use disorders in North America and Europe. Psychiatric Services, 55(8):913-922. [Abstract]

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