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Pre-operative Aqueous Antiseptic Skin Solutions in Open Fractures (Aqueous-PREP)

About this Trial

The prevention of infection is the single most important goal influencing peri-operative care of patients with open fractures. Standard practice in the management of open fractures includes sterile technique and pre-operative skin preparation with an antiseptic solution. The available solutions kill bacteria and decrease the quantity of native skin flora, thereby decreasing surgical site infection (SSI). While there is extensive guidance on specific procedures for prophylactic antibiotic use and standards for sterile technique, the evidence regarding the choice of antiseptic skin preparation solution is very limited for open fracture surgery.

  • Status: Enrolling now
  • Location: Miami Valley Hospital
  • Study type: Interventional
  • Ages eligible for study: 18 and older
  • Genders eligible for study: Both
  • Principal Investigator: Michael Prayson, MD
  • For more information about this study, visit NCT03385304

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If you would like information about participating in this study, contact:

Linda Clark
(937) 208-2913

Last edited on 01/11/2019.