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Clinical Trials Research Alliance (CTRA)

For Healthcare Providers

CTRA collaborates with healthcare providers throughout Southwest Ohio to conduct clinical trials in a variety of disciplines.

Looking to Register a Patient for a Local Trial?

To learn if your patient might be appropriate for a CTRA trial, search our trials or contact the CTRA office at 937-245-7817 or

To learn about trials being conducted by other organizations, visit

Interested in Integrating Clinical Trials Into Your Practice?

Participating in clinical trials provides physicians with several benefits:

  • Clinical trials allows physicians to remain involved in the academic side of medicine, staying updated on medical advances and helping to produce evidence to determine the optimum treatment for patients.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device companies spend an estimated $25 billion annually on clinical trials in the United States. Clinicians involved in research to determine an investigational treatment’s efficacy and safety are paid for their time and clinical expertise. A medical practice can conduct more than one trial at a time. The income benefits of participating in trials can help improve the profitability of practices.
  • By participating as an investigator in a trial, physicians can offer patients access to investigational treatments before they are available to the general public. As patients become more and more knowledgeable about treatments currently in clinical trials, there is a greater chance that physicians will be asked about the possibility of being included in a trial.

The CTRA offers significant support to clinicians, including identifying and securing research opportunities and then assistance in conducting those trials successfully with the minimum amount of clinician time required. The CTRA’s toolkit of services addresses every step in the clinical trial process to ensure quality data produced at the highest level of ethical standards.

The CTRA Supports Clinicians

Identifying and Securing Research Opportunities: The CTRA regularly meets with industry and government sponsors and maintains a pipeline of clinical trial opportunities based on the physician’s area of interest. The CTRA also assists in the development of research proposals. This help includes budgeting, contract negotiation, ethical consultation, and protocol development to help turn those research opportunities into contracted trials.

Trial Support: Once the trial has been awarded, the CTRA provides assistance with all stages of the process. The CTRA’s Clinical Research Manager oversees all trials, bringing proven project management skills and extensive clinical experience to each trial to ensure its timely completion with quality results.

The CTRA helps with IRB submission, regulatory requirements, patient recruitment, informed consent, quality assurance and monitoring, and data management. Access to trained and experienced clinical trial coordinators is also available. The CTRA provides subject advocacy assistance through the alliance’s Community Advisory Board, and the CTRA will provide assistance if the trial must be concluded prematurely. CTRA will help identify statistical and manuscript support for publishing clinical trial results.

The CTRA provides clinicians with access to Allegro, clinical research administration software. Allegro simplifies the flow of communications and data from the point of project inception throughout the entire research lifecycle, including to the point of publication. This software enables physicians to realize cost savings, improve data integrity, streamline administrative processes, and accelerate compliance. Allegro can be easily setup and learned, so research professionals can confidently delegate administrative functions to support staff.

CTRA's support minimizes physicians’ time requirement, allowing them to concentrate on patient care and clinical research instead of extensive paperwork.

Getting Started in Clinical Trials

The CTRA provides several avenues for clinicians to become involved in trials.

The CTRA’s multi-site trials allow several clinicians to be involved in a single trial. Physicians often begin as a sub-investigator working with the principal investigator on the trial. Some choose to continue as co-investigators for future trials, and others advance to the principal investigator role.

When deciding whether you would like to become involved with clinical trials, speak with other doctors who are doing them. The CTRAcan put you in touch with local clinicians who have conducted trials if you would like to ask them questions.

In addition, the CTRA offers local, industry-standard training for physicians interested in conducting clinical trials to become certified.

How to get started:

  1. Contact CTRA about your interest in clinical trials. We will meet with you to discuss your areas of interest and survey the pipeline of trials to determine which trials might be appropriate. We can be reached at 937-245-7817 or
  2. Complete a clinical trials training course online.
  3. Attend one of CTRA’s Good Clinical Practices training seminars to learn how to plan and conduct a clinical trial. 

Search Clinical Investigators and Researchers

CTRA collaborates with clinicians from Premier Health facilities, Wright State Physicians, and the Southwestern Ohio medical community. CTRA also works with basic science researchers at Wright State University who are focused on translational research. Some of these professionals are currently conducting clinical research while others are interested in sponsor-initiated and/or investigator-initiated clinical research opportunities. To learn more about these investigators, search here

Last edited on 12/04/2020.