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Department of Family Medicine

Testimonials from Residents, Faculty and Staff

Current Residents

"My favorite thing about residency is my fellow residents! I have met some wonderful friends that I will have forever. Even in the midst of all the hard work we do, we always come together and have great, memorable times with each other."
Dr. Hartsock

Family Medicine Residency Program

four residents and a baby"Good friends. Emphasize teamwork. Top-notch attendings. Great relationships with sub-specialists. Plenty of learning. Free food. What more can you ask?"
Dr. Lui

"I enjoy having such excellent residents to spend time with when at work and outside of work. Also, it is great to have a program director who is so available and willing to help foster each residents' particular interests within family medicine."
Dr. Hageman

"Here, we don't just work together. We have fun together, we cook out together, we travel together, we laugh together, and we always look out for each other. If you visit here or come here, you will see what I mean."
Dr. Welch

Recent Graduates

a resident enjoying class"Any program can make you a physician, but the kind of physician you become depends on the role models you have... the faculty here are truly wonderful people."
—Dr. Hawkins

"I appreciate all the community preceptors. They are an important part of my education. Their clinical and business experience is invaluable."
—Dr. Jon Baker

"Our attendings are a major asset of this program as all are very approachable, knowledgeable and supportive. Every one has an open-door policy where you feel comfortable walking in at any time to discuss even the most trivial of concerns."
—Dr. Stroble

"I think my favorite thing about our program is that we take our work seriously but not ourselves. We have a lot of fun in the midst of what can be a very stressful time during

residency. We also work with a challenging population, which provides daily opportunities to help people make positive changes. Although frustrating at times, the rewards are also great."
Dr. Roth

"The strength of this program is in the individuals who comprise our team. From faculty to residents and staff, all are driven to provide excellent patient care, strong teamwork and a dedication to education."
—Dr. Erica Roesch

Faculty and Staff

a resident enjoying class"I love my job! Working with residents and med students is one of the best jobs in the world. Watching them discover, grow, catch on to things they previously did not understand, and eventually 'take off' with confidence is rewarding. Being a small part of helping these individuals 'launch' into the word, and admiring the success they have in doing so, what more could someone want in a job?"
—Dr. Kellar

 "Why I love working with residents - there is never a dull moment! I mean this as a compliment, in that they have made me be a better physician, by challenging me to keep up to date and by never letting the privilege of caring become routine, boring, or a chore. The day goes by quickly; we laugh, we learn, and we make most people better!"
—Dr. Proulx

"I learn more from residents than I can ever teach. They keep me on my toes and help me be the best physician I can be."
—Dr. Righter

"I have been an RN with the Residency Program for 40 years. I guess that says how much I enjoy working with the residents. It is rewarding to see them come in as first year residents and watch them grow over the three years in their patient care skills and relationships with their patients. I love the learning atmosphere. They teach me as much as I teach them."
—Jane Clifton, RN, BSN

Last edited on 09/19/2017.