Microscopy Core Facility


Microscopy Core Facilities (MCF) is a center at Wright State University that offers equipment support in imaging and analysis. Located on the second floor of the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building, the center is open to research-engaged faculty.

Use of the facility will be determined by the director. All users must be trained and approved by core personnel before they will be able to use equipment unsupervised.

Images from the confocal and electron microscopes


Confocal Microscopes

All microscopes are upright and all set up for DIC-IR illumination.

Olympus FV1000

photo of the olympus fv1000Six excitation lines (405, 488, 458, 511, 568, 633), four fluorescence detection lines (two spectral units and two based on optical filters) and one detector for transmitted bright field. (Current fee $15/hour.)

Olympus FV300

photo of the olympus fv300Two excitation lines (488, 568) and two detectors that can be switched for different combinations of dual fluorescence or fluorescence and transmitted light simultaneous detection. (Current fee $10/hour.)

Olympus 2-photon

photo of the olympus 2 photonTwo-photon excitation is obtained with a MaiTai pulsed laser (range 700-1040 nm). Single photon excitation is also possible (488, 458, 511, 559, 633 lines). Detection can be accomplished through four non-descan detectors, three confocal detectors and one transmitted light detector. (Use of this instrument and fees need to be agreed by the "2-photon user group." Current fee $20/hour.)

MCF is not responsible for any data saved on the network.

Electron Microscope

photo of the electron microscopeThe Phillips 208S is a 100kv transmission electron microscope with excellent contrast and resolution with properly prepared specimens. The instrument, besides producing data-rich film output, is also coupled to AMT xr611 camera that permits high-resolution digital imaging.

The core provides technical help for the use of the microscope (inserting and withdrawing specimens, processing any EM negatives). Thus, usage of this instrument is always implemented with assistance by authorized personnel. The fee is $20/hour with technical assistance. EM negative usage will be charged separately depending on the level of consumption.

The core does not have enough personnel resources to help with specimen preparation.


The Histocore is a facility designed to provide equipment support for research faculty in tissue sectioning and staining.

  • HM 550 Cryostat
  • HM505 E Cryostat
  • Freezing Sliding Microtome
  • Vibratome
  • Ultramicrotome MT 5000
  • Ultramicrotome MT 6000
  • Olympus Epi Fluorescence Spot Scope with RT color camera

Use of the facility will be determined by the director. All users have to be trained and approved by core personnel before being able to use equipment unsupervised. (Current fee is $10/month.)

MCF only provides equipment and training on use of the equipment. Tissue preparations are to be done by the principal investigator's lab.

Review Stations

The MCF provides three network review stations used for imaging processing and analysis:

  • Review I: Fluoview (FV300), Image Pro 5.1 with 3-d reconstruction, Corel Draw 12, and Office Suite
  • Review II: Fluoview 1.7, Image Pro 7.0, Corel Draw 12 and Office Suite
  • Review III (Monica): Image Pro 5.1, Photoshop 7.0, Corel Draw 12, and Office Suite
  • Other Hardware: Xerox Phaser 6300 Color Laser Printer, HP 1500n Monochrome Laser printer, and Imacon Flextight 848 Digital negative scanner (Review III).

(Fee is charged per user at $10/month.)

The MCF is not responsible for any data saved on the network.

Policies & Fees


Usage of the core will be determined by the director and/or the assistant directors.

Training will be completed by the director and/or the assistant directors.




(Four lasers: 405, 488, 568, 647)


(Two lasers: 488, 568)




Electron Microscope – TEM


Microscope Monthly Usage Fee
(Includes Florescent Upright & Fluorescent Dissecting Scope)


Histocore Monthly Usage Fee
(Includes Cryostats, Ultramicrotomes, & Perfusion Lab)


Review Station Monthly Fee
(Fee is charged per user)


Neurolucida/ Steroinvestigator/ Huygens


If you have any questions or require more information about this shared instrumentation facility, please contact:

David Ladle, PhD
Director, Microscopy Core Facility
259 Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building
(937) 775-4692
Email: David.Ladle@wright.edu

Last edited on 02/16/2021.