Policy for Support of Faculty Mentors for Medical Student Research

photo of a student in a labThis financial support is currently unavailable.  We encourage you to check back often as we hope to offer again in the future.

Limited financial resources may be provided in support of laboratories or facilities in which medical students are being trained/supervised in the conduct of biomedical, clinical, or educational research projects. Students must have approval of the Office of Student Affairs prior to embarking on mentored student research projects.

After approval is given for a student to undertake a research project, the PI/mentor of the project should submit a written description of the student's proposed research activity to the Office of Research Affairs. The description should also include the time-frame over which the research will be conducted, an indication of the level of student commitment to the project, a statement of how the mentored research will benefit the student, and a statement of how the research fits with the PI's ongoing research and goals. The submitted document should be no more than one page in length, and should not include detailed technical material nor any budgetary information.

Any funds that are provided under this plan may be used to buy appropriate supplies/materials for the project and/or to support travel expenses of the student to present results of the research at national scientific or medical conferences. The funds must be expended within twelve months of the date of the award. Funds may not be used for salaries or for medical student stipends.

It is anticipated that a total of about five support awards may be allocated each year through this plan. Only one student per lab will be considered. Applications may be submitted to the Office of Research Affairs at any time during the year. A brief summary of the outcomes of the mentored research project and a detailed accounting of expenditures is required upon completion of the project or at the end of the award period, whichever comes first.

Last edited on 06/14/2017.