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Policy 3710.2 - Artificial Intelligence

From Ramzi Nahhas, Ph.D., Professor, Population & Public Health; Professor, Psychiatry:

As your representative on the Graduate Academic Policies Committee, I am forwarding you the message below from Dr. Carol Loranger, seeking any comments on Policy 3710.2 Artificial Intelligence, currently a temporary policy, before it becomes permanent policy. If you have any comments on this policy, please reply to me at by January 9, 2024.

From Carol S. Loranger, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs:

The below was placed as a temporary policy at the start of the year, upon recommendation of a joint faculty-admin committee working over the summer. We now need to put it out for comment before it becomes a permanent part of policy 3710. 3710 has shared authority of Dean of Students and Faculty Senate, but as UAPC has not tackled this, we're assuming there is currently no issue with it. Of course, the comment period will tell.

3710.2 Artificial Intelligence

For purposes of this policy, generative AI contributions to a student’s assignments or exams will be treated as having been contributed by a live person. Unless specifically authorized by their faculty, students:

  • May not use generative AI to substantially complete any assignment or exam; and
  • Must attribute generative AI contributions to their assignments and exams.

Using generative AI contrary to these requirements or others in this Policy may constitute an academic integrity violation.

Individual faculty are free to establish additional protocols regarding student use of generative AI tools in their courses, including allowing or disallowing some or all uses of such tools, provided that such protocols are consistent with applicable University policies. Faculty will incorporate any such protocols into their course syllabi, and clearly communicate such protocols to students. Students who are unsure of policies or protocols regarding generative AI tools are encouraged to ask their faculty for clarification.



Last edited on 01/07/2024.