Alumni Notes - Summer 2018

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We’re proud of our alumni and graduates of our residency programs and want to spread the word about your achievements. If you have professional news or personal updates to share — or simply want to stay in touch — please contact the Office of Advancement at or 937.245.7634.
Ted Miller, M.D.,* has opened a primary care practice in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. 
Carolyn Matzinger, M.D., launched the Matzinger Institute of Healing in Las Vegas, which provides care focusing on total body health by improving immune system strength and reducing inflammation.
Keith Wilkey, M.D., has joined the Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania as an orthopaedic surgeon.
Eric Schuck, M.D.,* is the chief medical officer of TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.
Steven Spalding, M.D., has been named director of pediatric rheumatology and vice president of population health at Akron Children’s Hospital.  
Jason Sherman, M.D., works at the CORE Institute Interventional Spine Division in Phoenix, Arizona, as a pain management specialist.
Zubair Farooqui, M.D.,* has joined the health advisory board of HealthLynked Corp. The Florida company provides technology for medical records and scheduling.
Nathan Schlicher, M.D.,* received the Collin C. Rorrie Jr. Award for Excellence in Health Policy from the Annual American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly.
Kelly Miller, M.D., Ph.D., has joined Dayton Physician Network as a medical oncologist. 
Brian Donahue, M.D., works in Pensacola, Florida, and has recently expanded his palliative care practice to include outpatient palliative care for pediatric patients.
* Residency graduate
Last edited on 06/14/2018.