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Strategic Plan

Vital Signs » Spring 2023
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Our Strategic Vision

Taking Flight

Wright State University is named for Orville and Wilbur Wright, who invented and successfully flew the world’s first powered, controlled flight on a field adjacent to the university. While working on an early version of an engine, they used a catapult attached to a track to get the plane up to launching speed. As Boonshoft School of Medicine looks ahead, what are the catapults that will launch us into our next phase, enabling us to take flight?

  • Our people—Faculty, staff, and students are our most valuable resource.
  • Our community partners—Without them, our vision could not be achieved.
  • Our will, determination, and spirit of innovation—We follow the path forged by a long history of inventors and innovators from the Dayton region who changed the world.
  • Our trust and belief in the core mission and vision.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion—Including diversity of thought, talent, and ability will increase our momentum.

Vision and Mission

We transform lives through our commitment to outstanding education, innovative research, community partnerships, and exemplary clinical care. We amplify diversity and belonging as we advance health in Ohio’s communities and beyond.

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A National Model

The Boonshoft School of Medicine will be a national model of outstanding community-focused medical education, responsive to the workforce needs of Ohio and the Miami Valley.


  • We will make improvements to the White Hall facility to support enhanced capacity for student learning and wellness.
  • We will enhance student-facing services, including mental health, career advising, and academic advising, to assure student success.
  • We will create excellence through ongoing monitoring of LCME standards through its QI processes and governance committees, ensuring outstanding accreditation outcomes.
  • We will continue to expand our vision for diversity and inclusion to create a supportive environment for all.

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Faculty and Staff

Recognizing that our people are our most impactful and important resource, the Boonshoft School of Medicine will invest in faculty and staff development and retention strategies.


  • We will expand programs to support faculty recruitment, development, and retention.
  • We will expand support for staff, including improved mentoring and recognition.

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Academic Research

Affirming the importance of scientific discovery to our academic mission, the Boonshoft School of Medicine will expand opportunities for involvement in research for faculty, residents, and students.


  • We will grow research support and infrastructure within the Boonshoft School of Medicine.
  • We will enhance opportunities for faculty and student research and the advancement of scholarship.

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Center of Expertise

The Boonshoft School of Medicine will grow our reputation as a preeminent place to obtain care and a center of educational and medical expertise in the region and
across Ohio.


  • We will develop a marketing and branding plan in concert with Wright State Physicians and  Wright State University.
  • Wright State Physicians will strive to enhance clinical operations and quality of care to become a sought-after location of medical care within our community.

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Strong Community Partners

The Boonshoft School of Medicine will be fully engaged with our community partners to make health and life better in the Miami Valley and beyond.


  • We will continue to engage with academic partners to the fullest extent around undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education, research, and clinical care.
  • We will expand community engagement activities to make a greater impact on the Miami Valley.
Last edited on 03/31/2023.