Continuing Medical Education

Contributor Guidelines

Contributors shall not control the planning, content, or execution of an activity. Acceptance of advice or services concerning speakers, invitees or other educational matters shall not be a condition of providing support. A contributor may assist with the preparation of educational materials, but these materials shall not advance the specific proprietary interest of the contributor.

Management of Funds

  • Contributions in the form of educational grants should made payable to Wright State University or an approved educational partner such as a joint sponsor. The terms, conditions, and purposes will be documented by a Contributor Disclosure (DOC). No other funds from a contributor shall be paid to the activity chair, speaker(s), or others involved with the activity. All sponsors must also sign contributor disclosure or have a CME approved, signed letter of agreement.
  • Payment of responsible honoraria and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for a speaker external to Wright State University is customary and proper.  Honoraria will be made directly to the speaker by WSU, the joint sponsor, or the designated educational partner. The speaker may not accept additional payments as it relates to this activity from other sources. For appropriate collection of income and expenses, please see finance guidelines.
  • Contributors will be acknowledged through printed announcements and/or brochures without referencing specific product(s).
  • Contributions will not be used to pay travel, lodging, registration fees, honoraria, or personal expenses for non-speaker attendees. However, special funding for medical students, residents, or fellows may be provided based on selection by either the academic/training institution or by Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.


Commercially supported social events before or after CME activities will not compete with nor take precedence over educational content. Contributor representatives may attend an educational activity but may not engage in sales activities while in the room where the activity takes place. Exhibit arrangements must not influence planning or interfere with the presentation of activities. Exhibit placement must not be a condition of support for the CME activity. Exhibits shall not be displayed or distributed in the same room immediately before, during, or after an activity. For more information, see exhibit/vendor guidelines.

Off-Label/Investigational Products

Scientific research is essential to develop new pharmaceutical products, other medical products, or devices. Presentations reporting the results of scientific research should include a detailed outline to ensure that generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis are used. Therapeutic options must be presented with a balanced view. If trade names are used, use several companies rather than only one company to ensure freedom of commercial bias for or against any product.

Best practice activities present information objectively based on scientific methods generally accepted in the medical community. To ensure objectivity, speaker disclosures and contributor disclosures are made prior to educational activities.

Last edited on 01/29/2015.