Department of Emergency Medicine

2018 Publications

Kuhn G, Marco CA,  Mallory MN, Blanda M, Kaplan JA, Schneider SM, Joldersma KB, Martin SI, Choo E: Financial Planning and Satisfaction Across Life Domains Among Retired Emergency Physicians in the United States.  Am J Emerg Med 2018 Mar;36(3):508-510.  PMID:28784258.

Marco CA, Mozeleski E, Mann D, Holbrook MB, Serpico M, Holyoke A, Ginting K, Ahmed A: Advance directives in emergency medicine: Patient perspectives and application to clinical scenarios.  Am J Emerg Med 2018 Mar;36(3):516-518.   PMID:28784259.

Perina DG, Marco CA, Smith-Coggins R, Kowalenko T, Kohnson M, Harvey A: Wellbeing among Emergency Medicine Resident Physicians: Results from the ABEM Longitudinal Study of Emergency Medicine Residents.  J Emerg Med 2018 ; 55: 101-109.e2.  PMID: 29759656.

Marco CA, Wahl RP, House HR, Goyal DG, Keim SM, Ma OJ, Joldersma KB, Johnston MM, Harvey AL: Physician age and performance on the American Board of Emergency Medicine ConCert examination.  Acad Emerg Med. 2018 May;71(5):636-648.  PMID:  29681310.

Marco CA, Trautman W, Cook A, Mann D, Rasp J, Perkins O, Ballester M: Naloxone Use Among Emergency Department Patients with Opioid Overdose.  J Emerg Med 2018 55(1):64-70.  PMID: 29776702.

Marco CA, Mallory MN: Well Maintained: ABEM’s Maintenance of Certification.  Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine 2018; 32(1): 13-20.

Marco CA, Brenner J, Kraus C, Simon J, Schears R, Aberger K: Empiric and Descriptive Analysis of ACEP Charges of Ethical Violations and other Misconduct. Available at: 8/1/2018.

Krauss C, Aberger K, Brenner J, Marco C, Schears RM, Simon J: How does ACEP’s Code of Ethics apply to me?  ACEP Now 2018; 37(10): 12-13.

Carpenter JE, Murray BP, Schaack Rothstein L, Steck A. In reply to: “Early administration of Fab antivenom resulted in faster limb recovery in copperhead snake envenomation patients”. Clinical Toxicology. ACCEPTED: 2018 October, 23. DOI: 10.1080/15563650.2018.1541180.

Ralston SA, Murray BP,  Vela-Duarte D, Orjuela KD, Pastula DM. Neuroterrorism Preparedness for the Neurohospitalist . The Neurohospitalist. 2018 Oct 21. DOI: 10.1177/1941874418806668.

Murray BP, Ralston SA, Dunkley CA, Carpenter JE, Geller RJ, Kazzi, Z. PNEUMONITIS and RESPIRATORY FAILURE SECONDARY to CIVILIAN EXPOSURE to a SMOKE BOMB in a PARTIALLY ENCLOSED Space. Journal of Special Operations Medicine. 2018;18(4):24-26.

Hunninghake J, Murray BP, Ferraro D,  Gancayco J. Acute Intestinal Ischemia from a Portal Vein Thrombosis in a Young Female Smoker on an Oral Contraceptive. BMJ Case Reports. 2018 August. DOI: 10.1136/bcr-2018-225135.

Gittinger MH, Carpenter JE, Dunkley CA, Murray BP, Morgan B, Kazzi Z. Articles You Might Have Missed. J Med Toxicol. Springer US; 2018 May 30;:1–4.  DOI:10.1007/s13181-018-0666-4.

Murray, BP. “Ocular Ultrasound.” Ophthalmology made easy for the emergency physician. By Alex Koyfman and Brit Long. Springer, 2018. Print.

Springer B, Krysiak A (2018). “Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Intracerebral Hemorrhage” Emergency Medicine Reports, September; 39(18):213-226. 

Rodgers, MS., & Sorensen, DM. Delayed presentation of testicular torsion in a young male. Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2018 Apr; 11:12-13.

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