Department of Internal Medicine and Neurology

Ambulatory Education

Ambulatory education was a big focus of our redesigned curriculum.  In our program, resident ambulatory continuity clinic is not present throughout the entire three years of training but is rather the focus of the second year.  While our Residents do not have continuity clinic in their first year of training, we support their ambulatory education with a didactic ambulatory curriculum and a 6-week Ambulatory block.  Residents in the second and third year have assigned patients in their continuity clinic throughout the year.  Our main ambulatory practice site is the Five Rivers Health Center.  This Federally Qualified Health Center and is a level 3 accredited patient center medical home.  Numerous Federal grants have allowed increased financial support for clinical care at this ambulatory facility.  Our residents and patients benefit from a high level of support and vast resources that include multiple nurses directly involved in patient care.  Additional on-site patient resources includes: , clinical pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, social workers and a dispensing pharmacy.

Last edited on 01/15/2019.