Department of Internal Medicine and Neurology

R-2 Year Schedule

During the second year of residency, our residents focus on gaining proficiency managing ambulatory medical problems.  As much as 50% of the first 10 blocks are spent in continuity clinic to ensure residents gain adequate exposure and time learning how to manage medical problems in the outpatient setting.  For most rotations, residents will have 2 weeks of assignment followed by two weeks of continuity clinic.  This format has allowed residents to minimize interruptions to their elective rotations while maximizing their ability to attain continuity of assignments and the quality of the education.  Residents will also have some in-patient rotations including ICU, night float and ward assignments to maintain proficiency in management of acute hospital care.  Additionally, residents in the second year take on more active teaching roles managing one R1 resident during night float and ward rotations.

4 blocks inpatient general medicine

1 block night float

1 block intensive care unit

1 block emergency medicine

1 block Hospitalist medicine

1 block rheumatology

4 blocks medicine subspecialty electives

Last edited on 10/05/2020.