Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Preclinical Pharmacology Core


The goal of the Preclinical Pharmacology Core (PPC) is to provide technology, expertise, and resources for research projects, including animal surgeries, exercise, telemetry systems and animal behavior tests. Moreover, the core provides educational opportunities to students.


LAR (031H and 031J): One big room with two connected small rooms.


We provide services which include training students or staff to use the instruments and conducting pilot studies provide preliminary data for grants so they can give some efforts to the core. This could be free for our department, but as charges for other departments.

The services we provide include:

  • Telemetry probe implantation surgery and data recording
  • Ischemic stroke animal modeling, such as MCAO surgery
  • Hemorrhage stroke animal modeling
  • Brain microinjection
  • Tail vein injection
  • Neurological behavior tests, etc.


The core teaches M.S. and possibly Ph.D. students. 

  • Summer course PTX 8014 C01: Integrative Pharmacology and Toxicology Methods



Last edited on 05/25/2018.