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Wright State researcher mentioned in The Atlantic

The Atlantic cited the research of Raminta Daniulaityte, Ph.D., associate professor and associate director of the Center for Interventions, Treatment, and Addictions Research in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences at the Boonshoft School of Medicine.

The article, “Addicts Who Can’t Get Opioids Are Overdosing on a Diarrhea Drug,” addresses an emerging trend in opioid addiction. Opioid addicts are using loperamide, also known as Imodium, to get high or to ease opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Daniulaityte’s 2012 research was cited in the article. Her research was published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, an international journal about drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and dependence. The study found that loperamide is being used extra-medically to self-treat opioid withdrawal symptoms.

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Last edited on 04/11/2017.