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Master of Public Health Registered Sanitarian Exam Resources

Welcome to the Web-Based Education for Sanitarians web site at Wright State University. The web site is designed to provide you with additional study questions and resources to help prepare you for taking Ohio's Sanitarian Registration Examination.

Ohio's Sanitarian Registration examination is offered three times annually in Columbus, generally in spring, summer, and fall. The exam consists of 250 questions which are written in a multiple choice format. A four-hour time limit is given to complete the exam, which is broken down into two two-hour sessions. Ohio's passing point for the exam is 70 percent of questions answered correctly.

It is important to note that the questions on the exam are derived from 12 domains of knowledge or skill areas. Each of the 12 domains is given a different weighting and number of questions on the exam. The domains and their weighting on the exam are:

Skill Area


1. Food Protection


2. Water and Waste Water


3. Air Pollution & Noise


4. Vector and Pest Control


5. Hazardous Materials Management


6. Waste Management


7. Radiation


8. Recreation


9. Housing and Institutions


10. Occupational Health and Safety


11. General Environmental Health/Scientific


12. Program Planning and Legal Aspects


The three domains of food protection, water and waste water, and general environmental health and scientific concepts account for 51 percent of the total questions on the exam, while the three domains of radiation, recreation, and housing/institutions account for only 9 percent of the total questions. Directing your preparation time to those domains that are weighted higher will increase your chances of success on the exam.

Study questions are provided for all domains that are covered on the exam. Questions will be presented in multiple choice format as they are on the exam. Questions will be presented randomly in blocks of 25 questions so that you may study in small blocks of time. The correct answers will be provided along with rationale and in some cases references for further research.

Additional information about the Ohio Sanitarian Registration Exam may be obtained at

Last edited on 06/22/2022.