Policies and Procedures

Match Day 2015
Initial Review

The Admissions Committee reviews applications according to the policies and procedures established by the Boonshoft School of Medicine. Ohio residents and non-residents are considered for admission. All applicants that receive and complete a secondary will be considered for an interview. An applicant must be a citizen of the United States or hold a permanent resident visa or an I-94 form from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Committee will look for applicants that meet the Boonshoft School of Medicine mission. This includes evidence of intellectual ability, dedication to human concerns, communication skills, maturity, motivation and potential for medical service in an under-served area of Ohio. Areas assessed by the Committee include one's academic load, curriculum, GPA, MCAT scores, extracurricular activities and work experiences. The initial review is to select the most appropriate candidates to invite for interview. Applicants not invited for interview will be notified by email.

After the initial review, the leading candidates are invited for interviews. Those applicants who are not offered an interview are notified in writing.

The Interview

Those applicants selected for an interview are invited to the Wright State campus on a specified day. Candidates receive two one-to-one interviews lasting approximately 45 minutes. The purpose of the interview is to gather information about one's preparation for a career as a physician and to share information about our school. The interview is not viewed by Committee members as the primary source of information about one's candidacy but is viewed in the context of the entire application.

Final Review

Interviewed applicants are discussed by the Committee and assigned numerical ratings. Ratings are based on both academic and humanistic factors. Academic factors include undergraduate school(s), science GPA and trend, difficulty of major and course loads, MCAT scores, honors and awards for academic achievement and research experience. Humanistic factors include pre-college and college extracurricular activities, hours worked while attending school, work experiences, volunteer experiences, honors and awards for non-academic achievement, and letters of recommendation. Acceptances are granted on the basis of the Committee rating. Those with the highest ratings receive acceptances first. Normally, interviewing and the final Committee review are completed by end of March. The Committee then prepares an alternate list consisting of those applicants who were awarded the higher ratings but have not received acceptances.

The Committee selects those who have the best academic and personal qualifications for medicine. It also recognizes that it is in the best interest of meeting both societal and educational needs to select a heterogeneous group of students. Students with diverse demographic backgrounds, academic preparation, learning styles and life experiences are selected.

Letters of Acceptance

Early Decision Plan applicants are offered acceptances on or before Oct. 1. Conditional letters of acceptance, pending satisfactory Criminal Background Checks, are sent to applicants starting Oct. 15. The class is not filled until after all interviews are completed.

Applicants’ Responses to Letters of Acceptance

Applicants are given two weeks to respond to written offers of acceptance. If the applicant fails to respond, the acceptance is withdrawn.

Contact Information

Every effort is made to keep applicants informed of the status of their applications. Should your address or telephone number change during the application year, please update AMCAS.

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