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No one gets through medical school alone. While long hours of solitary study or late-night solo sessions in the library or labs are par for the course, it is impossible to travel the difficult path to a profession in medicine without a lot of support and encouragement along the way.

Whether you are a spouse, sibling, parent, or child—or even a close friend—of a Boonshoft School of Medicine student, we welcome your interest and eagerly invite your involvement. Relatives and loved ones are welcome at many medical school events, and we’re always happy to answer questions and provide any help we can as your entire family shares the remarkable journey from orientation to graduation—and beyond.

This site is designed to provide convenient links to information we think will prove useful to you. Please click, explore, and enjoy, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for (or we can do anything else to be of help), please feel free to get in touch.

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Whether you’re new to the university or just need to find some fast facts, this page should serve you well. Browse these links for easy access to the latest news, academic and event calendars, and university and medical school publications.

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There is always something fun or interesting going on at Wright State, and to be honest, you may have more time and energy to enjoy university activities than most medical students do. Browse these links to learn about athletics, arts, recreation, and other activities coming up on campus or all over town.

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Wright State offers many useful services to help students and their families during medical school. It makes sense to know what’s available, and because most medical students are so busy, you may find yourself in charge of learning about or securing those services. Browse the links below to learn about everything from financial aid and health insurance to parking and security.

Financial aid and insurance

Health and legal services

Other WSU services

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The complexity and volume of material that medical students need to master tend to discourage non-students from looking too closely at the curriculum, but there’s something to be said for informed empathy. If you’re curious about what exactly students are studying so diligently—or the finer points of school policies and practices—these links should provide some illuminating answers.

Information on our facilities and clinical teaching sites

Last edited on 05/09/2023.