Substance Abuse Resources & Disability Issues (SARDI)

Active Projects

  • DayTREE: The DayTREE project was developed to address risk factors facing young adults aged 18-24, who may be at greater risk of victimization due to homelessness or marginal housing situations. The participants in the Dayton, Ohio area receive strengths-based case management, transportation assistance, health screening, and treatment referral.
  • Offender Reentry Program (ORP): SARDI has partnered with the MonDay Community Correctional Institution to provide transitional services for returning citizens with substance abuse problems. Our purpose is to reduce recidivism in Montgomery County, Ohio by expanding current substance abuse treatment and recovery services.
  • Ohio Disaster Response Project (ODRP): SARDI has partnered with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and local addiction and mental health boards to evaluate ODRP, which employs services to help families and communities impacted by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes in the greater Dayton, Ohio area.
  • Peer Movement Project (PMP): PMP was created by SARDI as a substance abuse and HIV prevention program targeting African American college students at three local universities, due to the disproportionate burden this population faces regarding HIV infection. PMP offers educational programs, HIV and hepatitis C testing, and access to safe sex information and products. PMP also has a peer support component and utilizes social media to support safe sex practices.
  • State Opioid Response (SOR): Through a partnership with OMHAS, SARDI serves as the evaluation team for the state-wide Ohio SOR project.  The purpose of SOR is to build a community system of care that emphasizes service integration between multiple healthcare systems, criminal justice, and child welfare for Ohioans with opioid use disorder or stimulant use disorder. SARDI provides technical assistance, data analysis, and reporting services to assist behavioral service providers in enhancing their services.
  • Virtual Office Space (VOS) Improving Employment Opportunities: VOS is a developmental prototype using virtual reality to meet the individualized needs of persons with albinism, targeting those who have visual impairments. This tool is designed to assist individuals with low vision to obtain or maintain employment in lucrative computer and IT occupations.
  • Zero Suicide Project: Through partnerships with the Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board (MCADAMHS), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and local healthcare organizations, SARDI serves as the evaluation team for the Montgomery County Zero Suicide Project. The purpose of the project is to prevent suicide deaths and attempts in Montgomery County, Ohio by implementing the Zero Suicide model across the system of care. SARDI provides, training, technical assistance, data analysis, and reporting services to assess the impact of Zero Suicide services on participants at-risk for suicide.
  • Other Evaluation Grants: The SARDI program has over 30 years of training and program evaluation experience and currently administers over $8 million in grants and manages data for over 70,000 participants in 10 research projects, making SARDI a leading authority in providing evaluation services for various federally funded and local community behavioral health projects throughout Ohio. Partners for these projects include state and local government agencies, community-based treatment centers, police departments, churches, juvenile justice systems, Veterans Affairs services, coalitions, and public health departments.
Last edited on 03/30/2022.