Substance Abuse Resources & Disability Issues (SARDI)

VR Online CEUs

Providing a suite of online training webinars to earn CEUs to maintain certification.

Topics for 2022 include: 

  • Best Practices and Strategies for Tele-counseling 
  • Applied Ethical Principles in the Day-to-Day Rehabilitation of Persons who are Deaf  
  • Queer Competency for Rehabilitation Counselors 
  • Queer Competency for Rehabilitation Counselors (ASL) 
  • Career Assessment with No Tests! 
  • DEAF 101 
  • School to Work Transition 
  • Promoting Sexual Health and Sexual Freedoms Among People with Disabilities 
  • Working with Individuals with STI's 
  • GAIN-SS in ASL Training 

Connect to the VR Online website

For questions or information related to VR Online, please contact: 

Kathryn Taylor 
Project Coordinator/SARDI Program 
Voice/Text/FT: 937-285-0799 
Video Phone: 937-641-8215

Last edited on 03/30/2022.