Department of Family Medicine

Addiction Medicine Fellowship


Addiction Medicine Fellowship Training :

  • Supports multi-specialty training fellows
  • Focuses on the provision of care for persons with unhealthy substance use, substance use disorders (SUDs), and other addictive disorders
  • Trains to work in diverse settings, including clinical medicine, public health, education, and research. 
  • Treats patients across the lifespan who have different degrees of disease severity—from those at risk, to those with advanced and complicated disease, to those in recovery.

To Apply, Contact:

Program Director:
Dr. Anna Squibb 

Program Coordinator:
Jackie Mullins
Phone: 937-245-7817

Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program Goals

Evidence Based Care

Training fellows in evidence-based care of substance use disorders

Patient Centered Care

Providing equitable and compassionate care to each person in the context of their culture, community, individual characteristics and personal goals


 Leveraging the faculty, staff, fellows' knowledge, skills, and time to advocate for persons seeking help for substance use disorders and associated co-occurring conditions 

Community Education

Assuring that the fellowship provides knowledge of evidence-based care and improves health literacy of substance use disorders for individuals, medical staff, advanced practice providers, and community organizations to collaborate with partners and optimize the care in our community.

Practice Sites


Miami Valley

Women's Recovery Center

Equitas Health


Last edited on 11/29/2023.