Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Policy 10: Institutional and Annually Renewable Appointments

Adopted: November 2000

Professional staff who are employed by affiliated institutions and whose duties are primarily academic and in support of the education of the Wright State University (WSU) Boonshoft School of Medicine (School) students and trainees may be appointed as institutional members of the School's faculty. Institutional appointments terminate when employment at the affiliated institution ends.

Annually Renewable appointments can be made to faculty who are employed by WSU under special contracts. Annually Renewable appointments are contingent on contract renewal.

Both institutional and Annually Renewable appointments are fully affiliated. These faculty may attend and participate in School faculty discussion, participate on School committees, and may vote on issues brought before the School faculty. Only Annually Renewable faculty may participate in university faculty discussions, committees and issues.

Updated February 6, 2009(sho)

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