Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Policy 14: Use of Boonshoft School of Medicine Name and Symbol in Professional Activities

Adopted: May 2004

The Boonshoft School of Medicine (School) and its faculty, students, staff, and patients have a shared interest in the use of the School name and related symbols. It is essential that individuals using the School name and symbol are contributing positively to the image and reputation of the School. The name and symbol of the School are intellectual, professional and financial assets in which the members of the School community have a common stake. To protect that value all faculty, students and staff are expected to observe the School's policy on the use of its name and symbol.

School Symbol. The symbol is a registered trademark. The creation of any merchandise with the School symbol for resale or promotional purposes must be approved by the university. The Office of General Counsel actively enforces the ownership of the university's marks, names, and symbols

School Patch. The patch should be worn on the professional wear of the School's fully affiliated faculty inclusive of residents in School-sponsored programs, students, and School staff. Partially affiliated faculty may wear the School patch on their professional wear with departmental chair approval.

School Stationery, Publications, etc. The School policy regarding the use of other university identity marks can be found in the Brand Guidelines (PDF).

Voluntary faculty members may only use their School title for activity directly related to their School faculty appointment, such as correspondence on behalf of students or research conducted in collaboration with other School faculty, students and staff. Their School title should not be used so as to imply School endorsement of, or responsibility for, any other clinical or professional activities, products or publications.

Fully affiliated faculty members, staff, and students may use the school's name to identify themselves (e.g. "Jane Doe, Professor of Medicine, Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine "). In using or authorizing the use of the School name to identify themselves in connection with activities conducted with outside individuals and entities, fully affiliated faculty, students, and staff should assure that the School name is used in a manner that does not imply School endorsement or responsibility for the particular activity, product, or publication involved.

All faculty, students and staff of the School should take reasonable precautions to prevent the organizations and individuals with whom they work from using the School name, or making representation about School, in ways that suggest that the School sponsors or endorses their activities.

Last edited on 01/25/2019.