Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Policy 15: Research Faculty

Adopted: June 2005

Modified: January 2015


The Research Faculty Track is designed for faculty who focus primarily on scholarship. Research faculty are expected to participate and contribute to a department’s research mission and demonstrate excellence in publishing in high impact peer-reviewed journals and compete successfully for NIH, NSF or similar external funding. Research faculty are not required to participate in teaching or service activities.


The titles for research faculty are research assistant professor, research associate professor, and research professor.


Appointment for research faculty is determined by the department and approved by the school according to criteria determined by those entities. Appointments are fixed term contracts that do not include tenure or continuance. Research faculty will have terminal degrees in their relevant field of research. The rank of initial appointment is determined by the department and approved by the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs.

University Status

Research faculty are classified by the university as staff. They may not participate as faculty members on standing or other committees or vote in school or university faculty decisions.

Term of Appointment

Contracts are for at least a one-year period and may be extended to three years as determined by the department and school.  Renewal is contingent on performance and availability of funding.

Annual Review and Promotion Policy

Research faculty are reviewed annually by the department chair according to their accomplishment of scholarly activities. Goals and objectives for the next academic period are mutually determined and agreed upon by both parties.

Promotion guidelines for research faculty are outlined in Policy 3A: Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion for Fully Affiliated Faculty. Promotion recommendation is made by the department chair and voted on by the appropriate departmental committee. Promotion requests are reviewed by the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs and the dean. Promotions become effective the following July 1.


Research faculty have the right to supervise and advise graduate students and postdoctoral students and serve on thesis committees. Note: Research faculty must be approved as members of the Graduate Faculty by the dean of the Graduate School.

Principal Investigators

Research faculty have the right to be principal investigators on extramural research applications and may also be listed as co-principal investigator or in other capacities.

Change to Regular Faculty Status

A department may request the change of a research faculty to a regular faculty BSoM appointment. The department chair and the department appointments committee must approve and provide the rationale for the change in status. The Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs and the dean must approve the request including the initial rank of the faculty member. Wright State University Human Resources processes for hiring regular faculty members must be followed.

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