Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Policy 9: Emeritus Status

Last Revision: December 2007

Fully Affiliated Faculty

Approved by the Faculty Senate March 6, 2006 and the Provost March 13, 2006.
Applies to all full-time faculty who are not represented by collective bargaining.

The Emeritus title recognizes past contributions to the community of scholars at Wright State University and confers on the recipient the rights and privileges of other members of the community of scholars at Wright State University, subject to the limitation of the right to vote and the right to hold elective office. It is conferred as a lifetime status. Insofar as it is possible, and subject to fiscal considerations, the University will extend courtesies and services to Emeritus faculty that facilitate their continuing contributions to the academic life at Wright State University.

Faculty members who have served as full-time faculty ten or more years at Wright State University will automatically be granted the Emeritus title upon retirement and upon written request by the faculty member to the WSU chief academic officer.

Faculty members who have served as full-time members of the faculty for five or more years, but less than ten years, may request consideration for the Emeritus title through the process of a petition to the WSU chief academic officer through the faculty member's own administrative unit. In order to be considered for the Emeritus title, the petition of a faculty member must be supported by the dean of the college or school in which the faculty member holds his or her primary appointment.

Emeritus request letter template (DOC)

Partially Affiliated Faculty

The Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine (School) may confer the clinical emeritus faculty title in recognition of extended superior and constructive faculty service to the school. The emeritus title shall be conferred upon a few outstanding clinical faculty when they retire from active professional life. The profile of these awardees shall include:

  1. at least ten years of outstanding faculty performance for the School is desirable although no fixed term of service must be completed
  2. an extended period of solid superior service to the School in all the awardee's ranks that represents an appropriate balance of faculty activities
  3. retirement from active faculty status and from active practice of professional activity, but with the candidate's expressed continuing interest in periodic faculty activities, and/or service as an academic consultant to his/her department and to the School

The department submits the emeritus request to the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs. The emeritus title shall be conferred by the Dean of Medicine upon recommendation by a department and endorsement by the Executive Committee.

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