Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Series 400 Terminations

Procedure number: 410, Resignation/Retirement
Procedure number: 420, Dismissal/Suspension of Fully Affiliated Faculty Member

Procedure number: 410

Revised: August 2011

Subject: Resignation/Retirement

Fully Affiliated Faculty

  1. The faculty member must submit a letter of resignation to the primary department chair, with a copy to the secondary department chair if applicable, stating the desired date of resignation. The departmental chair may ask a retiring faculty member if the faculty member wants to
    • transfer to the voluntary faculty,
    • request emeritus status, if eligible, or
    • resign from the faculty.
  2. After the supervisor approves, the departmental chair accepts the resignation in writing stating the specific terms noting the effective date of resignation and the last working day.
  3. The departmental chair sends to the Office of Fiscal Affairs a copy of the faculty member's resignation and the chair's acceptance. The Office of Fiscal Affairs will notify the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs.

    Note: If the faculty member is in the practice plan, the departmental chair also notifies Wright State Physicians, Human Resources, at least 30 days in advance.
  4. The department sends a record of vacation and sick leave usages to WSU Human Resources, Suite 221, 2455 Presidential Drive.
  5. The faculty member returns university keys, library books, ID card, etc., to the supervisor and submits grades that are due or outstanding.
  6. The Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs will present the resignation to the Boonshoft School of Medicine (School) Executive Committee for confirmation.

Partially Affiliated Faculty

  1. The departmental chair must notify the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs of the voluntary faculty member's resignation giving the reason for the resignation, if available, and the effective date of resignation.
  2. The memo will be shared with the secondary departmental chair if applicable.
  3. The resignation will be presented to the School Executive Committee for confirmation.

Updated March 6, 2012 (sho)

Procedure number: 420

Created: April 2008

Subject: Dismissal/Suspension of Fully Affiliated Faculty Member, employed by Wright State University

Cause for Dismissal/Suspension

  1. Demonstrated incompetence of dishonesty in teaching or scholarship, or
  2. Substantial and manifest neglect of duty, or
  3. Personal conduct which substantially impairs the individual's fulfillment of the individual's institutional responsibilities, or
  4. Malicious conduct which directly obstructs the performance of instructional or scholarly programs authorized of permitted by the university


  1. Charges may be brought against a faculty member by an administrator or a faculty member. Such charges shall be made in writing with reasonable particularity of the grounds for removal or suspension within one or more of the categories listed above. The charges shall be presented to the Dean of Medicine.
  2. The Dean of Medicine shall, as soon as possible, inform the accused faculty member in writing of the charges, specifying which one or combination of the categories listed above comprise the basis of the charges.
  3. Before a formal hearing is conducted, the Dean of Medicine or designee shall call a meeting with the faculty member against whom charges have been brought, to review the charges and provide the faculty member an opportunity to present his or her case.
  4. If after informal discussion the Dean of Medicine or designee determines that charges are warranted, he or she shall submit the matter to the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs, which shall arrange a formal hearing.
  5. Full pay will be continued during this procedure until termination of the faculty member's contract.
  6. When in the judgment of the President of the University or a provost the presence of a School of Medicine faculty member on University premises presents a threat to health or safety of any person in the University community or represents a threat of disruption of or interference with any normal and lawful activities of the University, its staff or students, the President or a provost may suspend the faculty member pending the disposition of the disciplinary process provide for in this procedure. Such suspension shall be with pay. The President or a provost may also direct that the faculty member be removed and barred from University premises.

Subject: Dismissal/Termination of Fully Affiliated Faculty Institutional Faculty Member

  1. Institutional appointments terminate when employment at the affiliated institution ends.
  2. Faculty Members and the School of Medicine each have the right to terminate the appointment upon notice to the other party.
  3. Termination of institutional appointments by the School of Medicine are not subject to appeal.


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