Department of Population and Public Health Sciences

Epidemiology Certificate Program

The Epidemiology (EPID) Certificate Program will provide graduate students specialized knowledge and skills in applying epidemiologic concepts and methods to prevention and public health problems.  Those who complete the prescribed coursework in this certificate program will achieve advanced competencies in the application of epidemiologic concepts and methods to address public health problems.

Program of Study

To achieve the Certificate in Epidemiology, students must successfully complete Biostatistics for Health Professionals (PPH 6100) and Public Health Epidemiology (PPH 6200), along with three 3 credit hour epidemiology-related electives. 

PPH 6100: Biostatistics for Health Professionals (3 credit hours)

PPH 6200: Public Health Epidemiology (3 credit hours)

Approved Electives:

PPH 7110: Applied Public Health Research Design and Analysis (3 credit hours)

PPH 7130: Using Geospatial Technologies in Public Health (3 credit hours)

PPH 7150: Applied Epidemiology (3 credit hours)

PPH 7160: Advanced Statistical & Epidemiology Methods Using SPSS (3 credit hours)

PPH 7170: Public Health Epidemiology II (3 credit hours)

PPH 7210: Maternal and Child Health (3 credit hours)

PPH 7220: Issues in Aging (3 credit hours)

PPH 7410: Community Assessment (3 credit hours)

PPH 7920: Epidemiology II or Applied Statistics Practicum (3 credit hours each)

Application Process

To be admitted to the program, students must first be accepted into the WSU Graduate School and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Minimum graduate school requirements include an earned bachelor’s and/or advanced graduate degree from an accredited college or university.

If you are not currently enrolled at WSU, you can apply online as a non-degree student through the WSU Graduate School. During the online application process, you will have an opportunity to select the Epidemiology Certificate Program and to submit required documents.

If you are a current graduate student enrolled at WSU, please complete the online Certificate in Epidemiology Application only (see below).  You will not need to apply through the WSU Graduate School.

All applicants should submit the online Certificate in Epidemiology Application along with a 1-2 page personal statement describing your professional background and interest in the program.

Certificate Program Cost

The cost of the Epidemiology Certificate program will be graduate tuition and program fee (if required by the course).  As of 2016, the program fee for PPH courses is $447 per course.

For More Information

Review Certificate Student Handbook

For questions regarding admissions or administration, please contact Ron Combs, Certificate Program Coordinator, by phone at (937) 775-1300 or by email at

For additional programmatic questions, please contact Sara Paton, Ph.D., Director, by phone at (937) 775-1430, or by email at

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