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Enrollment in Programs Outside Boonshoft School of Medicine

Students wishing to enroll in coursework or a certificate/degree program outside BSOM, whether the outside program is in Wright State University or another institution, must meet with the Associate Deans for Medical Education and Student Affairs & Admissions and review their progress in BSOM prior to applying to enrolling or applying to the program. Students are eligible to enroll in coursework or enter certificate/degree programs outside BSOM only if they are in good standing in the BSOM program and making satisfactory progress toward completion of all BSOM degree requirements.

Students wishing to enroll in coursework or a certificate/degree program outside BSOM should consider the following:

  • Once admitted to BSOM, the BSOM program’s demands, requirements, and timelines have the highest priority on a student’s time and effort. When program requirements, demands, timelines, etc. conflict, students are expected to adhere to those of the BSOM. If a student is on probation for BSOM, the outside department, etc. will be notified regarding the status.
  • Students pursuing coursework or certificates/degrees outside the BSOM may be required to pay additional tuition or fees as determined by the outside department, school, or training organization.
  • Any policy violations or disciplinary actions taken against a BSOM student in any outside course, program, or training experience, will be considered when reviewing the student’s progress in the BSOM program. Policy violations and disciplinary actions could result in sanctions from the BSOM program including termination from the program.
  • For educational or training experiences outside WSU, students must provide transcripts or other documentation indicating level or quality of performance at regular intervals and/or upon completion.
  • Failure to seek approval for and document educational activities outside BSOM could result in disciplinary action.

Approved by FCC on May 22, 2019

Last edited on 06/25/2019.