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Health, Life & Disability Insurance

All BSOM medical students are required to have health, disability, and life insurance coverage. Comprehensive group plans are available through the School. Because they are group plans, costs are less expensive than if comparable coverage were purchased as an individual. Should students receive comparable health insurance through a spouse, parent, military or Medicaid at no charge, they are not required to purchase health insurance coverage through the School, provided one properly completes a waiver form and provides proof of coverage. Students are charged for insurance as part of their tuition bill, which is sent from the Wright State University Bursar. Detailed information on students’ health, life and disability benefits are available on the School’s web site. Students are covered both in- and out-of-network. It is less expensive to receive care from an in-network provider.

Requirements for health and disability insurance is stipulated in LCME element 12.6:

“A medical school ensures that health insurance and disability insurance are available to each medical student and that health insurance is also available to each medical student’s dependents."

Approved by Executive Committee 6/13/2019

Last edited on 06/25/2019.