Inclement Weather Policy


Since faculty, staff, and medical students all provide health care services, all may need to work in an emergency weather situation. The School conforms to the university policy on emergency school closings and inclement weather. Students, faculty, and staff should pay particular attention to public announcements (radio and television) which will attempt to clearly differentiate between the School and other parts of the university. The University may close for a specified period of time if travel is so hazardous that it jeopardizes safety.

  • If ever the procedure to be followed cannot be communicated by a public announcement, the School will activate its own internal network. Note the following:
  • If opening of the University is delayed, any on-campus activities will be canceled until the announced opening time. At that point the remaining academic schedule for the day will be followed at the normally designated locations and times.
  • Students in clinical rotations will normally be assigned to a hospital and will be directly involved in health care delivery. Each student must make his or her own decision in a weather emergency.
  • If the University is closed, any classes scheduled on-campus will be canceled. However, students involved in providing health services normally will be expected to report to their assigned location depending upon their personal circumstances.
Last edited on 08/15/2018.