Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted for academic, personal, or health reasons. Requests for a leave of absence must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions. In most cases, leaves do not exceed one year.

An academic leave of absence (LOA) may be granted to students in good academic standing pursuing research or related scholarly activity. A leave of absence in excess of one year requires the approval of the Student Promotions Committee.

A medical leave of absence may be granted to enable a student to seek treatment for a health-related condition that interferes with the student's ability to participate in the educational program. Students who anticipate an absence of ten (10) days or more must request a medical leave of absence and submit a letter from their physician. Students will be required to provide documentation from a health care professional indicating that the condition has been successfully treated and/or managed before returning to school. The School may require an independent clinical evaluation to determine a student's physical or mental health status before returning.

A personal leave of absence may be granted to enable students to take time off, in special circumstances, for reasons unrelated to health or academics.

Students, who are not in good academic standing and request an academic, medical, personal leave of absence, or permanent withdrawal, will be reviewed by the Student Promotions Committee at the next scheduled meeting to determine the student's academic status at the time of re-entry or need for voluntary withdrawal from the School.

Last edited on 08/20/2018.