Policy on Selectives and Electives

The purpose of this policy is to define the expectations for students participating in selectives and electives during the Advance Doctoring phase of the Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) curriculum. LCME Element 6.5 states:

“The faculty of a medical school ensure that the medical curriculum includes elective opportunities that supplement required learning experiences and that permit medical students to gain exposure to and expand their understanding of medical specialties, and to pursue their individual academic interests.”

Selectives are electives chosen from a group of approved specialty and sub-specialty rotations sponsored by the BSOM.

Elective rotations may occur within BSOM or at other LCME-accredited institutions. Electives may also occur at non-LCME-accredited programs at other national and/or international locations but require approval by the Doctoring/Advanced Doctoring subcommittee of the Faculty Curriculum Committee.

Students are strongly encouraged to use at least half of their elective time in the final year of training to pursue a broad range of interests.

For information on advancement and graduation selective/elective requirements, please refer to the Student Success Policy.

Approved by FCC on May 22, 2019.

Last edited on 06/25/2019.