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Tuition Refund Policy for MD Program


In compliance with LCME Standard 12.2, students who withdraw or are dismissed from Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) during an academic term will receive a tuition refund based on the established institutional schedule.


Leave of Absence – Leave and return within the same academic term

Withdraw – Voluntary withdraw

Dismissed – Involuntary withdraw

Students who withdraw or are dismissed from BSOM during an academic term will receive a tuition refund based on the institutional schedule. All students who separate are subjected to the BSOM’s tuition refund schedule (listed below). Tuition (does not include fees) refunds will be calculated based on the date that all requirements are completed to finalize the leave of absence/withdraw. Students who are approved for a leave of absence are not eligible for tuition refunds.

BSOM Tuition Refund Schedule

Withdraw through 14 day of the term: 100% of Tuition

15-28 days of the term: 70% of Tuition

29-42 days of the term: 60% of Tuition

43-56 days of the term: 50% of Tuition

57-70 days of the term: 40% of Tuition

71-84 days of the term: 30% of Tuition

85-98 days of the term: 20% of Tuition

99 days or greater of the term: 0% of Tuition

BSOM-related fees may be eligible for refund (e.g., Clinical Assessment Fee, Technology System Fee, NBME CBSE Exam Fee).

Financial Aid is awarded to students contingent upon completion of the term. Federal financial aid recipients who withdraw prior to completing 60% of the term will have unearned aid that, by law, must be returned to the Federal Government. The return funds will result in a charge on the student’s account. If 60% of the term has been completed prior to withdrawing, 100% of the federal aid for that term will have been earned and the financial aid package will remain in place.

A federal pro‐rata policy is in effect for those students leaving the University who have accepted Title IV (Federal Stafford Loans) or Title VII (Health Profession Loans) funds. This federal requirement determines the amount of federal funds that a student is entitled to by calculating the number of days attended divided by the number of days in the term. This percentage times the TOTAL amount of Stafford Loans remains credited to the student’s account. The amount the student is not entitled to, is returned to the lender.  This is required regardless of other grants or scholarships that have been awarded and used to pay for tuition and fees. Students who owe a balance to the school are billed after monies have been returned to the lender. Any grants and scholarships will remain credited to the student’s account. The net amount owed on the student’s account after all applicable charges, returns, refunds, and credits will be billed to the student.

Students are advised to carefully consider the above tuition information as withdrawing/leave of absence after the first week of class may create a financial obligation which, if not cleared by the end of the academic year, will be referred to an outside collection agency.

In certain other instances, including illness, full refunds or cancellations of charges may be made at the discretion of the Dean, provided that the interruption or termination of the student’s program takes place prior to the start of classes. A student inducted into military service will receive a prorated refund or cancellation of charges based on his or her date of separation. The student in this situation must furnish the Offices of the Registrar and the Bursar with a copy of the orders to active duty, showing this to be the reason for leaving the School.

Appeal Process

Any student who chooses to appeal the policy must follow process outlined below.

  1. Submit a written appeal to the Financial Aid Manager within 14 days. The Financial Aid Manager in consultation with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Admissions will respond in writing within in 14 days.
  2. The decision can be appealed to the Wright State University Ombudsperson.

Approved by Executive Committee 6/13/2019

Last edited on 06/25/2019.