Continuous Quality Improvement


The Continuous Quality Improvement Steering Committee (CQISC) is charged to monitor compliance with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation standards and elements. In an ongoing effort to improve the M.D. program and the learning environment, the CQISC will also ascertain both long- and short-term goals, implement a systematic process to collect and review data, and disseminate outcomes to appropriate leadership and administration, including, but not limited to, the Faculty Curriculum Committee (FCC), the Admissions Committee, the Executive Committee, various assistant/associate deans, and department chairpersons. The CQISC will also collaborate with leadership and administration to identify action plans to achieve goals, as evidenced by measurable outcomes.

CQI Steering Committee (CQISC) Members

Ngozi Anachebe, M.D., Pharm.D. – Vice Dean of Educational Affairs, co-chair
Amber Todd, Ph.D. – Assistant Dean of Medical Education & Accreditation, co-chair
Eric Bennett, Ph.D. – NCBP (basic science) department chair
John Folk, M.D., Ed.D. – Associate Dean of Medical Education
Julie Gentile, M.D. ­– Psychiatry (clinical science) department chair
Jenifer Gerard, Ph.D. – Director of Medical Student Services
Lisa Journell, Ed.D. ­– Director of Assessment & Evaluation
Miri Lader, M.D. – Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Admissions
Kaelin Locker, B.S. – Director of Admissions
Bruce Mackh, Ph.D. – Vice Provost for Assessment and Chief Accreditation Officer (WSU)
Marietta Orlowski, Ph.D. – Faculty Curriculum Committee Chair
Priti Parikh, Ph.D. – Interim Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Kelly Rabah, FACHE, MSW – Senior Director of Quality Innovation & Compliance Officer
Kimberly Rex, M.H.A. – Chief Administrative Officer
Erica Taylor, M.D. ­– Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Randy Woods, M.D. – Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Two student representatives, appointed by the Dean of Medicine (M2 and M3)

CQISC Duties & Responsibilities

  • Determine accreditation elements to be reviewed and monitored on an annual basis. Reasons for monitoring may include, but are not limited to, national trends, elements cited in previous full surveys, identified areas of needed improvement, etc.
  • Share outcomes and recommendations to leadership and administration. Collaborate and coordinate efforts to develop, achieve, and maintain goals.


CQI Steering Committee meetings should be held quarterly with at least four meetings occurring each academic year (July-June). Meeting agendas/minutes will be kept on file in the Office of Medical Education.

The CQI Working Group will meet on a monthly basis to regularly monitor compliance with LCME standards/elements and update the LCME CQI Dashboard. The CQI Working Group will provide updated action plans and outcome reports at the quarterly CQISC meetings.

An annual strategic retreat will be held each fall to provide the CQISC with a comprehensive overview of the current state of the LCME standards/elements, with recommendations from the CQI Working Group as to which standards/elements need attention during the upcoming year.


The CQISC members are appointed by the dean of medicine, with the membership reviewed annually. The CQISC functions in an advisory and collaborative role with leadership and administration. While the CQISC makes recommendations to various committees, those committees have the final authority and responsibility for enacting the obligations of that committee, and the CQISC will not infringe upon the autonomy and authority of other committees, including, but not limited to the FCC, the Admissions Committee, and the Executive Committee. However, the spirit and function of the CQISC is to hold the entire medical school team accountable for continual improvement of the M.D. program. While preparing for an LCME site review, the CQISC will serve as the LCME Steering Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee: 9/14/2017

Adapted from Emory University School of Medicine and West Virginia University School of Medicine LCME CQI processes.

GME and CME Accreditation

Graduate Medical Education, ACGME-accredited residencies and fellowships
Continuing Medical Education, awarded ACGME Accreditation with Commendation

Last edited on 04/30/2024.