Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Executive Committee

Elected term is one year.



Term ends June 30

Margaret Dunn, M.D., M.B.A., chair



Eric Bennett, Ph.D. Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology  
Bruce Binder, M.D. Family Medicine  

Tim Broderick, M.D.

Associate Dean


James Brown, M.D.

Emergency Medicine


John Duby, M.D.



James Ebert, M.D.

Population and Public Health Sciences


Julie Gentile, M.D.

Psychiatry (interim)


Thomas Hardy, D.O.

Chief of Staff, VAMC


Thomas Herchline, M.D. Faculty- Elected 2018

Madhavi Kadakia, Ph.D.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Paul Koles, M.D.



Richard Laughlin , M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery


Gary LeRoy, M.D.

Associate Dean


Mary McCarthy, M.D.



Dieter Nevels, M.B.A.

Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer


James Ouellette, D.O. Faculty - elected 2018

Albert Painter, Psy.D.

Associate Dean


Dean Parmelee, M.D.

Associate Dean


Col. Shari Silverman, M.D. Associate Dean  

Glen Solomon, M.D.

Internal Medicine; Neurology


Daniel Swagerty, M.D. Geriatrics  

Jeffrey Travers, M.D., Ph.D.

Pharmacology & Toxicology


Julian Trevino, M.D.



Jerome Yaklic, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Betty Kangas (non-voting member)

Assistant to the Dean


Bette Sydelko, M.S.L.S. (non-voting member)

Medical and Education Librarian


Angela Clements (non-voting member) Advancement  

A. Committee Purpose

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the dean of medicine.
  • Review and approve recommendations of the standing committees.
  • Act on all matters not specifically delegated to other committees.
  • Recommend an interim policy until such time when the appropriate standing committee shall recommend a permanent policy.
  • Recommend special meetings of the faculty as deemed advisable.

B. Committee Membership

The Executive Committee is composed of the dean of medicine, those assistant and associate deans designated by the dean of medicine, each departmental chair, and two elected members of the faculty. The dean of medicine shall be chair of the Executive Committee.

C. Committee Meeting Schedule

The committee will meet regularly, at least quarterly.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 2.

Reports to the faculty

Monthly Minutes

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