Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Nominating Committee

Elected term is two years.



Term ends June 30

Sheela Barhan, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2023

Allison Cowan, M.D.

Faculty - Elected

Giselle Ellis,  Pharm.D.  Faculty - Elected 2023

Kari Harper, M.D.

Faculty - Elected 


Jennifer Lee, D.O.

Faculty - Elected

Kelly Liker, M.D.  Faculty - Elected 2023

Kelly Nagy, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Hongmei Ren, Ph.D.  Faculty - Elected 2023

A. Committee Purpose

The Nominating Committee annually prepares and presents a slate of candidates for standing committees. The committee receives nominations for all elected positions on standing committees. Each nomination shall be approved by the nominee, by the departmental chair, and by the dean of medicine before the Nominating Committee presents the names to the faculty in January.

All recommended committee nominations should seek broad and balanced representation of faculty diversity in gender, ethnicity, academic rank, discipline (both basic science and clinical expertise), and years of service. 

B. Committee Membership

The Nominating Committee shall be composed of eight members elected by faculty.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 3.

Reports to faculty

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