Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Student Promotion Committee

The elected term is four years. The student term is one year.



Term ends June 30

Mark Rich, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Paige Triplett, D.O.

Faculty - Elected

Merrilee Cox, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Luke McCoy, M.D.

Dean's appointee 2024

Anne Proulx, D.O.

Dean's appointee


Kerianne Springer, M.D. Dean's appointee  
Tim Crawford, Ph.D. Dean's appointee  

Gary LeRoy, M.D.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs, bylaws mandate - non-voting


Brenda Roman, M.D.

Associate Dean for Medical Education, bylaws mandate - non-voting


Desby Cheribin

Non-voting student representative


Shuaib Siddiqui

Non-voting student representative


Kelly Spiller

Non-voting student representative


  1. Committee Purpose

    The Student Promotion Committee shall (1) evaluate medical student performance and (2) nominate medical students for certification of graduation.
    1. Evaluate the overall performance of each medical student at the termination of each academic year and recommend to the associate dean for students affairs, the promotion, or other appropriate action, of the student.

      a. During the course of an academic year, the associate dean and the committee chair shall have major responsibility for keeping the Student Promotion Committee informed as to the performance of each class, paying particular attention to those students experiencing academic difficulty.

      b. When appropriate, the committee chair may call the committee into session for formal review and/or action related to a student's academic performance.
    2. Nominate medical students for certification of graduation in the instance of the final grading sequence. The nominations must be ratified by the Faculty of Medicine before presentation to the president for final action by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Committee Membership

    The Student Promotion Committee shall be composed of four elected faculty members and three faculty members appointed by the Dean. The Committee shall also include the following non-voting members: The Associate Dean of Student Affairs (SPC administrative ex officio); The Associate Dean for Medical Education; and two students.

    Recognizing that the School of Medicine desires a diverse student body and serves a total community, the committee should, ideally, include representation from this broad constituency. In the event that the associate dean for student affairs perceives an imbalance in the composition of the committee, the associate dean may, with the concurrence of the majority of the committee voting, appoint an additional one to two faculty members for a one-year term.
  3. Committee Meetings

    The committee shall meet upon the call of the chair at least once at the termination of each academic year. It can be called for specific business during the academic year by the dean, its chair, or by written petition to its chair by any two members of the committee.
  4. Student Petition

    A student may petition the associate dean for student affairs that there be further deliberations in the student's behalf; the associate dean may call the committee to deliberate the specific petition. Results of such a call meeting shall be recorded and filed in the office of the associate dean for student affairs.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 4.

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