Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Bylaws Committee

Elected term is four years.



Term ends June 30

Amanda Bell, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Dean Bricker, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2025
Tim Crawford, Ph.D., M.P.H. Faculty - Elected 2025
Danielle Gainer, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2022

Cassandra Milling, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Kelly Nagy, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2025
Marietta Orlowski, Ph.D.

Faculty - Elected


Marc Raslich, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2022

A. Committee Purpose

The Bylaws Committee shall have jurisdiction on all matters directly pertinent to the Bylaws of the School of Medicine including, but not limited to, recommendation and review of needed modifications or amendments as deemed necessary for the proper internal governance of the faculty. The Bylaws Committee shall meet as needed to respond to concerns regarding the School of Medicine Bylaws. These Bylaws shall be comprehensively reviewed by the Bylaws Committee every three years.

B. Committee Membership

The Bylaws Committee shall be composed of eight members elected by the faculty. Membership will be for a four year period and staggered so that one-fourth of the membership shall be elected annually.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 9.

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