Graduation Requirements


In order to graduate, students must meet all curriculum requirements including passing all courses and clerkships, passing the required number of electives in Bienniums I and II, and passing Steps 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge and Step 2 Clinical Skills of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. (Refer to Requirements for Satisfactory Performance and Advancement Policy)

Those students who have not completed all of the requirements for graduation from the School by the date of the graduation ceremony will receive a blank diploma. The actual diploma will be made available to the graduate once all academic requirements have been fulfilled. The official date of graduation from the School and the date attested on any diploma issued after the annual commencement ceremony will be the day/date immediately after all academic requirements for graduation have been fulfilled.

Graduation or the Commencement Ceremony is usually scheduled in May. To participate in commencement, students need not have completed all requirements but must be scheduled to complete all Year-4 requirements by June 30th.

Last edited on 05/03/2018.