Service Learning

Service-learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service to provide a learning experience while meeting societal needs. Service Learning is aimed at instilling a sense of civic responsibility and promoting community engagement.

Service Learning (SL) is distinguished from community volunteering by three things:

  • SL is curricular based, that is students participating in community based experiences are doing so to meet curricular requirements;
  • SL places equal value on the service objectives defined by the community as it does on the learning objectives defined by the academy; and
  • The planning, preparation and implementation of the SL curriculum is done in a partnership that includes the academic faculty, the site based community staff, and the student.

LCME requirement: 6.6 Service-Learning

The faculty of a medical school ensure that the medical education program provides sufficient opportunities for, encourages, and supports medical student participation in service-learning and community service activities.

Boonshoft SOM Milestone 4.2a (Foundations)

Define one’s personal commitment to medicine as a life of service.

Service Learning at Boonshoft SOM

To continue to address the LCME requirement for service learning and to meet the BSOM Foundations Milestone 4.2a, students in the Foundations phase will complete a minimum of 16 total hours of service learning in a Dayton community site or for an initiative that provides a service to members of the Dayton community (minimum of 8 hours per site/initiative). The following activities have been approved by the BSOM for service learning:

  • Foodbank
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • House of Bread
  • Boonshoft SOM Pre-Med Mentoring
  • Reach Out of Montgomery County
  • BOGG Food Ministries Food Delivery
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Tutoring
  • Special Olympics Skating Coaching
  • Spring Break New Orleans
  • The Ladder
  • Thurgood Marshall Pipeline Mentoring
  • Boonshoft SOM Student to Student

Students may submit requests for approval of additional self-directed service learning projects in the Dayton area.

Students will submit documentation of completion of service learning hours provided by the community site to the BAMS Portal prior to the end of the Foundations phase and submit a reflection on their service learning experience and how it relates to a commitment to medicine as a life of service.

In accordance with the Student Success Policy students must pass all Foundations components and Boonshoft SOM Milestones before advancing to Doctoring clerkships.

Last edited on 07/20/2018.