Transcripts and Permanent Grades Policy

WrightCurriculum grades are reported as Pass/Fail with no percent score. Honors in the Doctoring year will be included on the official transcript, if applicable. Class Quartile is not included on the official transcript. Faculty provide narrative comments included with clerkship and elective grades from the Doctoring phase. Narrative comments are a part of the student evaluation and are included in the medical student permanent academic record. Grades and narrative evaluations are submitted to the Office of Student Affairs and are placed in each student’s permanent academic file. Final grades are permanently posted on the official transcript.

The following abbreviations are used:

P = Pass. The student has successfully completed the module/clerkship/elective.

F = Fail. The student has failed the module/clerkship/elective and has not met the associated objectives.

I = Incomplete. The student has not completed the module/clerkship/elective. Incomplete is temporarily assigned if the student files a request for additional time to complete the work and the module/clerkship/elective director approves the request. The student must sign a contract specifying the work to be completed and a completion date within the academic year. Module/clerkship/elective work not completed in the approved time frame results in a grade of F.

WP = Withdrew Passing. The student withdrew from a module/clerkship/elective with a passing grade.

WF = Withdrew Failing. The student withdrew from a module/clerkship/elective with a failing grade.

Transcripts and Permanent Grades Procedure


The grade I (Incomplete) is posted on the transcript until it is replaced by a permanent grade. Incomplete grades default to F (Fail) at the end of the academic year unless otherwise arranged.


All final F (Fail) grades are permanently posted on the official transcript. When the student repeats the module/clerkship/elective and passes, the P (Pass) grade will be associated with the repeated module/clerkship/elective on the official transcript and the original F (Fail) grade is retained.

For information about appeal of a module/clerkship grade and/or written evaluation, please refer to the Student Success Policy.

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