Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee

Elected term is two years.



Term ends June 30

Sherman Alter, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2022
Michael Bates, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2023
Allison Cowan, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2023
Ramzi Nahhas, Ph.D.  Faculty - Elected 2023
Dean Parmelee, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2023
Marc Raslich, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2023

Courtney Sulentic, Ph.D.

Faculty - Elected


Dan Swagerty, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2022

Kathryn Tchorz, M.D.

Faculty - Elected


Jonathan Thackeray, M.D. Faculty - Elected 2022

A. Committee Purpose

The Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee shall receive and evaluate applications for faculty promotion, development leave, and faculty awards related to excellence in teaching and/or research. The recommendation and evaluations of the Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee will be submitted to the dean of medicine for further action and/or implementation.

B. Committee Membership

The Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee shall be composed of a minimum of eight elected members and a maximum of twelve. Election to the committee will be limited to members of the faculty with the rank of associate professor or above and not limited to multiples of four. At least half of the committee membership will be at the rank of professor.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 7.

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