Faculty and Clinical Affairs

Policy 7: Professional Development Leave/Sabbatical Leave

Approved: June 9, 2005 by Boonshoft School of Medicine (School) Executive Committee and September 22, 2005 by the School Faculty

Professional leaves are granted for planned programs of education, research, study, creative activity, travel, and other professional undertakings of importance to both the individual and the School and university. All leave proposals will be evaluated solely on how well they advance the academic competence of faculty members and enhance their contribution to the school and university as teachers and scholars. Professional leaves cannot be used to work toward a terminal degree.

Faculty granted professional development leave are expected, at the termination of the leave, to serve the university for a minimum of one academic year. An individual who elects not to return for the ensuing academic year shall refund to the university an amount equal to the compensation received during the period of professional leave.

Within three months of the leave's conclusion, the faculty member must submit a written report summarizing the results of the development leave to the Dean of Medicine through their department chair. The Dean of Medicine will provide a copy of the report to the Provost.


To be eligible an applicant must have seven years of employment as a faculty member at Wright State University . A faculty member who has been granted a professional leave shall complete another seven years of service at Wright State University before becoming eligible for another grant of professional leave.


A professional development leave shall consist of one of the following:

  • three months at 100% of the university base salary the faculty member would have earned during those three months.
  • six months at 83% of the university base salary the faculty member would have earned during those six months.
  • nine months at 50% of the university base salary the faculty member would have earned during those nine months.

A professional development leave can be coupled with extra-mural funding.


All benefits which are provided by Wright State University shall remain current and in full force throughout a professional development leave, except that any benefit provided by another source during the period of leave shall release Wright State University from the obligation of providing the similar benefit. Eligibility for salary increments and promotion are also continued. Administrative stipends do not continue during a period of professional leave. A faculty member on leave will not be required to participate in university activities.


Faculty who plan to apply for leave should submit to the departmental chair a two-page proposal clearly indicating:

  1. proposed dates for the leave.
  2. objectives.
  3. planned activities (what, where, with whom).
  4. expected outcomes (indicate explicitly how the planned activities will contribute to your teaching and research activities).
  5. means by which the results will be communicated to others.
  6. if the leave will be coupled with external funding.

Faculty should also attach to their applications 1) a summary report of all previous professional development leaves and 2) an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

Each proposal should be reviewed by the department promotion committee and the departmental chair. Letters attesting to the merit of the proposal should be appended to each request. Proposals must be approved by the department chair to be considered by the School Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee. The chair forwards all proposals and support documentation through the associate dean for faculty and clinical affairs to the Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee

The Faculty Promotion and Advancement Committee will review the proposals twice a year and rank them for awards. The ranked proposals will then be submitted to the dean of medicine for final consideration of funding.

NOTE: No specific deadline is assigned. Proposals may be submitted at any time.

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